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Integrity House Cleaning Maid Service

Our maids are responsible for upkeeping the cleanliness and neatness of your home. Some of the maid’s responsibilities will include:

  • Vacuuming/washing carpets: To keep your carpets clean and deodorized, our maids vacuum and wash the carpet using the carpet cleaner that they deem your carpet needs for cleanliness and freshness. Regardless if your carpet is covered in stains or has pet odors, our maids possess a broad knowledge of carpet cleaners that will enable them to work with any situation.
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen: Sanitation and cleanliness are both very important for kitchens and bathrooms and our maids acknowledge this. In the bathroom, the maid will: mop tiled floors, apply cleansing agents to shower tiles and doors to remove soap stains, mildew buildup, and mold. The maid will also scrub toilets, the shower/bath, sink, and similar surfaces. Mirrors will be cleaned and polished. As for the kitchen: tiled floors will be mopped, counters will be scrubbed, and equipment/appliances will be wiped down.
  • Dusting/sweeping floors and surfaces: Maids keep floors and surfaces free from dust and debris by sweeping and dusting items such as furniture, shelving, ceiling fans, countertops, bookcases, and TV consoles.
  • Replacing linens and towels: Our maids will collect your dirty towels and linens and replace them as needed.
  • Fill specific house cleaning requests: If you have specific requests for house cleaning, such as washing dishes, watering plants, tidying a bedroom, laundry, or the like, our maids possess the skills for handling such tasks.

All of our maids are qualified and trained to handle any house cleaning tasks. Whichever plan you decide to go with, our maids will adhere to your schedule, get the tasks done in a timely manner, and leave your home clean and tidy.

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Woodinville House Cleaning and Maid Service

We specialize In...

Keep Tidy Snohomish County House Cleaning and Maid Service

Maid Service

Cleaning, dusting, sweeping, mopping, replacing linens and towels, and filling specific house cleaning requests.

Deep Cleaning Service Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Snohomish County House Cleaning and Maid Service

Carpet & Upholstery

Curtains and drapes, Seat covers, Rugs, Tapestries, Fabric/leather of furniture.

Deep Clean Snohomish County House Cleaning and Maid Service

Moving Out Cleaning Service

Vacuuming and mopping floors, Wiping down and scrubbing surfaces, Sweeping debris off the floor, etc.

Easy Organizing Snohomish County House Cleaning and Maid Service

Cleaning Service For Special Events

Includes pre-cleaning and post-cleaning to help you host a great party.

Cleaning Service for Special Events Snohomish County House Cleaning and Maid Service

Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Dust any and all surfaces, Sweep, mop and clean floors, Remove dirt and dust from walls, and much more.

Carpet and Upholstery Snohomish County House Cleaning and Maid Service

Deep Cleaning Service

Removing grime and dust from behind kitchen appliances, Scrubbing underneath the sink, Thoroughly cleaning the inside of kitchen appliances, and much more!


Integrity House Cleaning (Becky and her team) have been cleaning our vacation rental home (a 22,000 sqft Castle with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms) for a year now, on almost a weekly basis. They have been easy to communicate with, always punctual, they have a positive attitude, and they often go above and beyond to impress both us and our regular guests! We can't even begin to describe how thankful we are to have have them as our cleaning (and overall housekeeping) company. They are a genuine family business who are very loyal and fair. We highly recommend them to everyone!
Emily Peterson, Graystone Castle testimonial for integrity house cleaning
Emily Peterson
Graystone Castle, Arlington, Washington