Wow! That’s what visitors will say after they see your home with our affordable, expert services. Available daily, weekly or monthly at competitive rates.

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Getting Started...

The pricing plan that is best for you depends on what service you need, and how often you’ll need it. Typically, you’ll be charged $45 per hour for a minimum of eight hours a month. OR $90 for a one-time service that lasts two hours. Keep in mind that the size of your home, number of rooms, extra cleaning, the number of cleaners needed, whether or not you have pets that shed, and other add-ons will affect pricing.

To get service booking, hover over “Contact” on the top right corner of our page. You can also give us a call at (425) 359-4347.

No, you do not need to organize unless it makes you feel at ease to do so. We understand if you have a certain style of organizing your stuff. We suggest communicating with our professionals from the get-go and give them pointers on how you would like your home organized and clean for optimal services. Apart from this, our services do the organizing for you.